Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Festivities

Happy Fall Ya'll!! Clever right?? I just love that little saying. Fall is my favorite season. There are just so many things to enjoy: the weather starts to feel a little crisp (although this weekend was in the 80s), leaves begin to change to their respective orange, red and yellow hues, everything is flavored with pumpkin, and you just can't get any more perfect weather for running! To say I'm a fan of the fall is an understatement.

Plus this weekend was our college homecoming!! 

We started the festivities Friday night by meeting up with some friends to walk around Greek town at House Decks. These are little skits the fraternity and sorority's put on. They're Lways super cheesy but kids love them. My husband always likes to visit his old fratnernity house too. Oh the college days.

Saturday started out with a 3 mile run to soak up some of this perfect weather. We had plans to check out the parade downtown but then decided having a late breakfast and slow morning sounded a little nicer. 

Later that day we made some of these cookies to bring to the tailgate. Pumpkin snicker doodle cookies. I'm telling you anything pumpkin I am all about lately! 

Any fall festivity post wouldn't be complete without a trip to the pumpkin festival would it?! 

Our fall filled weekend ended with a run on my favorite trail. I just love seeing the leaves beginning to change. Perfect running weather.

Favorite fall activity?? 

Favorite running season? 

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