Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Life Lately

How are we 9 days away until Christmas already?? I feel like I was just getting ready for Thanksgiving break. I remember last year I was counting down the days until winter break at school and this year has flown by way too fast for me to even keep up! 

My kiddos are crazy. Like so excited about what's going to happen around this time next week they can't even stand it. After they finish their work I'll turn and find them sharing elf stories, writing their next letter to Santa, or choosing Christmas books from our library. If something is not Christmas themed at this point there is no hope for engagement. 

3 more days. 

Actually, really just today and Thursday. Friday we will be hanging out in our pajamas watching The Polar Express, sipping on some hot cocoa and getting ready for our winter parties that afternoon. 

2 more days. 

On another note, a running note! I have been running lately - not as much as I did marathon training but I am trying to get back at it. With the 70 degree weather here in December I have to get outside! When will see this again? I'm hoping that we won't have to pay for it later on with a snowy March or April. 

I'm trying to choose a half for the spring that I can train for. Apparently, the last race that I ran was actually longer than a half! The race ended up being 13.25 instead of 13.1. I had my fastest time on that race so does that mean that I can shave even more time off of it? 

I saw that Rock n Roll has some fantastic discounts on races. Great idea for a gift for a runner that is looking to sign up for half or full next year!

Runners: Have you ever ran a race that was actually longer than expected?? 

Teachers: Favorite way to keep your kiddos calm before the holidays is....