Monday, November 3, 2014

Relaxing Weekend

My weekend consisted of relaxing, sleeping, running, relaxing, did I say relaxing? Oh my goodness this was a much needed catch up, pajamas and pancakes kind of weekend. It was fabulous.

Friday night we made our own pizzas and handed out halloween candy! It was bliss. Every once in a while going out on a Friday night sounds appealing but for the most part a night in spent with my husband sounds like the most perfect evening. It was much needed after the busy weeks we have been having. 

When I woke up on Saturday morning we had gotten a freak cold front and the temperature dropped into the 20s! Burr. Daylight savings time plus 20 degrees. Fall is over. Winter is here.

I did decide to brave the colder temps and make it on my 9 mile run on Saturday. I'm unofficially training for a race that I may or may not sign up for in the spring. I'm debating over the Nashville marathon in April or the Cowtown marathon in March. I would want to try Nashville because we've never been there before and if you're going to run 26.2 miles it just as well been in a fun new place to explore. If I ran the Cowtown marathon I could go see my parents who would have perfectly brewed coffee, bagels, and love waiting for me on race day. Hmm to finish another marathon would be pretty darn cool but can I handle the training right now? Do I want to handle the training right now?

First year teacher trains for marathon... is that ridiculous?

Sunday was spent teaching an early morning yoga class and meeting up with the rest of the yoga staff for brunch. What did we do for the rest of Sunday? Relax.

And now we're heading into the week! This week is full of meetings after work, yoga classes to be taught and colder temps. On some bright notes I'm writing this on Monday which means that tomorrow is Tuesday! Woohoo for making it through Monday!

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