Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving and Marathon Maybe?

A couple of weeks ago after I dropped my kids off at their respective bus lines I let out a deep breath. Not that I don't take a deep breath every day, multiple times a day, but this day in particular one of the veteran teachers in my building just looked at me with agreeing eyes and said "ya know, some years you just have to live for the breaks." 

Boy is she right. It's now Tuesday, the last school day before Thanksgiving break and I am more than ready to pack it all up, go home for a few days, and hopefully hopefully be able to muster up enough energy, positivity, and inspiration to make it until Christmas break. 

I definitely have more to do than I can really wrap my brain around right now. As my desk looks like this:

But hopefully I'll be able to tackle a few of the projects I have going over break. 

In other news...  it's been entirely too cold here too soon. I was thinking of finding a marathon to run so that I could have a goal to carry me through the year. BUT do I really want to train for a marathon on a treadmill right now?? 

We'll see I'm leaning toward a yes just because I'm thinking it could be a way to keep me sane during my first year teaching. 13-20 mile long runs sound like a much healthier place to vent/figure out some first year teacher struggles or even just regular teacher struggles than 1.) my poor/patient husband who is currently listening to it all or 2.) the Internet. Just as  well turn some frustrations into a positive? Right?? 

Now time to run, teach some yoga and start doing that whole Thanksgiving break thing! 

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