Friday, October 31, 2014


Well, we made it through today! I have officially survived my first classroom halloween party. Costumes were all put on, students walked in their parade, candy was distributed, games were played, parents helped to celebrate. Phew! Then, I sent them all home with sugar filled bellies.

The only photo I have to show for today was this beauty of all of the dwarfs from our school. I forgot my hat... oops.

Thank goodness there are no students tomorrow. Whoever scheduled a Professional Development day for October 31st, thank you. I can not even imagine what kind of learning we would accomplish if we did have school. 

I did find out that party days exhaust me. Students are a little more wired on a party day than for regular school so I feel like I have been "on" more so than usual. Throw parents, candy, costumes and games into the mix and that comes out to a perfectly exhausted teacher. 

Tonight I'm off to yoga- hopefully to sweat out all the little stress bugs that hit me today. My plan is to leave a little less stressed and a little more positive.

Hurray for the weekend right around the corner! 

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