Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Oh Hi! and some Positive Changes

Oh Hi! I haven't posted on here since mm last January! Turns out life can get a little busy and a lot can change in just 9 months... ya know like changing jobs, moving homes, traveling,  oh and having two impromptu roommates over the summer!

Let's start with the job: Last year I taught 2nd grade and while I loved that age group I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to teach 3rd grade at a school that is less than 10 minutes away! Last year I drove close to an hour each day just to get to school! So, having a short commute feels like a dream. Not to mention, I have some pretty fun kiddos this year, supportive parents, and am able to coach with one of my all time favorite organizations: Girls on the Run. Positive change? Yes!

Moving homes: Last March I nonchalantly mentioned to my husband that we should just drive around a neighborhood to look at houses for fun. When I said for fun I meant that we could just ooh and ahh at some cute homes and have nice little conversations about which neighborhood we might want to live in one day. Well, as we were driving we my husband saw a house that he had been watching on the foreclosures list for quite some time. Well, to keep the story short one thing led to the another and we preceded to move into this house in May. We then began to deconstruct and reconstruct the house from May-August. Think concrete floors, pergola for a ceiling, and drywall work for weeks upon weeks. It was quite the summer. Now, we are nearly finished with all big construction and have just a few minor projects left. Thank goodness. Positive change? Yes! Easy change? Not so much. Living in a house during remodeling is not something I would recommend to many people.

Impromptu roommates: While we were remodeling our home this summer my husband got a phone call from his youngest brother who was moving to our city to head to college in the fall. Well, he needed a place to stay for those summer months before school started. So, we opened our doors, gave him a bed and fed him. Then, my best friend from childhood moved up here for a job opportunity over the summer too! So, we opened our doors, gave her a bed and feed her as well! Good thing we moved into a new home in May with more space we would have been a little cramped in our old place.

Do we see the concrete floors?? 
All of the craziness is coming to a close as roommate #1 moved out when school started in August and roommate #2 is moving out this week - she found an apartment! Which is wonderful for her but I will miss her face at home each day. How many times does a girl get to live with both her best girl friend and her husband?? Not too many!

Now, the real challenge is to get myself into some sort of groove at my new school and tryto figure out a way to wind myself down at night time!

Tonight I'm trying sleepy time tea and dark chocolate to end my night.

Things I'm looking forward to this month: 1.) Sam Hunt concert this weekend 2.) Our neighborhood bbq we're hosting 3.) Roots N Blues BBQ half marathon 4.) Mizzou Football games!!

What are you looking forward to in September?? 

Ever worked with Girls on the Run? 

Any night time routines that are great for winding down??? I feel like my brain is moving a mile a minute lately! 

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