Monday, January 5, 2015

Blank Pages

Happy Monday! The very first Monday of 2015 and I happen to still be on winter break which is fabulous. As much as I have enjoyed sleeping in a little, going to yoga in the middle of the day, spending lots of extra time with friends and family I'm pretty ready to get back into a normal routine.

So since today is my last day of vacation and tomorrow starts the second half of my school year I went out and bought a brand new planner. There is always something so refreshing about opening a blank planner, all of the space and days I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!

In true New Year's/New Planner fashion I, of course, have some goals. 

1.) Be patient with my career: Yes, I have a job. I do happen to enjoy my job most days but it's just too darn far away. I graduated in May of 2014 and was desperate to find a job, any job, and the moment I got one I took it! I enjoy what I do each day but it takes me 35-40 minutes to enjoy what I do. Womp womp I know it could be much worse but still, it's just not ideal. I lose about an 1 1/2 hours in efficiency/productivity each day! I have started to apply to new jobs for the following school year and am looking at a few different options as well. I need to be patient and weigh my option before I make another big career decision. 

2.) Work/Life balance: I am a school teacher; I wake up at 5am and am out the door by 6am. I teach and work until around 3:30pm and then am home around 4:15ish. I head to the studio to either teach class, take class, or am at the gym running. I get home and make dinner until around the time my husband gets home. We both eat, we clean up, we relax and then we fall asleep! Is this real life? I'm sure there are much busier people out there so how in the world do you all do it? Is there a coffee that I have not found that the rest of the world is drinking? 2015 must slow down!

3.) Travel: On the books for 2015 we are planning to see Nashville in April for this event, Branson in June for a wedding which I am so, so excited for! Later on in the summer we plan on visiting my grandparents in upstate New York and hopefully can swing by a few other places while we're up there too. 

4.) Stay healthy: I've been pretty lucky so far this school year to not get too sick. My goal for the rest of this year is to stay healthy both mentally and physically. This means taking time for myself to sleep, get to yoga, run when I can, and eat enough good for me foods!

5.) Keep my friends and family closer: Sometimes I think we (my husband and I) get so busy and in a routine that we don't let ourselves spend the time that we want with our friends and family. This year I would love to work on spending more intentional time with all of the wonderful people we have in our life. 

I think that does it for now on my new year's goals. My plan is to come back and revisit these each month to see how I'm progressing with these guys. Sounds like a fine plan now, during break, we'll have to see how things play out once school starts back up tomorrow. 

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